Corporate design “BUCHER Druck Verlag Netzwerk”

The corporate design of BUCHER was jointly developed with Dalpra & Partner.
It rests upon two main components: The powerful logotype and the lizard, which is employed as a noticeable, flexible element.

Corporate design “BUCHER Druck Verlag Netzwerk”

The lizard emerged as an individualized reference to the company’s owner, artist and saurian expert Günter Bucher. It is used in a number of ways, for example as an eye-catcher on the company truck, as a connecting device on the delivery boxes of the print shop or as a recognizable sign on the spine of the books published by Bucher.

The basic business stationery is designed in black and white. Earth tones have been chosen for printed material that initiates direct contact with clients (newsletters, publishing programs, gift packaging etc.).
The restricted use of colors and graphics to leave room for what is essential, and the application of refined printing technology (e.g. translucent hot foil stamping for the business cards) emphasize the high standards in terms of design and quality and make BUCHER stand out clearly from the competition.

Concept & design: Dalpra & Partner (René Dalpra, Matthias Steu)
in collaboration with Angelika Mathis and Hermann Vetter
Illustration lizard: Hugo Ender based on drawings by Günter Bucher
Year of origin: 2006

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