Corporate design “Angelika Mathis AM Gestalten”

The basic element of the award-winning corporate design (Binder Award 2006) is adhesive tape printed with words that describe the many facets of the practice of designing. Affixing the tape on different media generates a variable and flexible appearance. The check mark which is made by hand to highlight the appropriate term gives each communication a personal touch.

Corporate design “Angelika Mathis AM Gestalten”

From the development of a project to the elaboration of the details, designing means being confronted time and again with new tasks and content. The stationery and promotional material of “Angelika Mathis AM Gestalten” (which means "Angelika Mathis is creating") are a reflection of this versatility.

AM Gestalten …
… is the name of the design studio and the umbrella term for the occupation of Angelika Mathis. The combination of her initials, “AM”, and the German verb “gestalten” (to design, to create) and other words leads to new terms which characterize the dynamic practice of designing.

The adhesive tape …
… is the pivotal element of the corporate design and at the same time the only item that needs to be printed. It can be affixed anywhere, so the stationery can be continuously recreated in a personal, flexible and multifunctional manner.

The check mark …
… is put with the appropriate term each time the tape is placed on a medium. With billing statements, for instance, “AM Wertschätzen” (I AM appreciating) is checked. Small gifts are given the heading “AM Überraschen” (I AM surprising).
The hand-written check mark gives each communication a personal touch.

The business cards …
… represent versatility in a playful manner. There is an edition of ten different cards. Each visualizes one of the many activities of the designer. She can pick and choose depending upon which one she likes best in any given situation.

Concept and design: Angelika Mathis
Collaboration: Simon Burtscher, Claudia Schedler
Year of origin: 2006
Production: offset printing, manually affixed and checked
Awards: Binder Award 2006 (distinction), nomination for the
2008 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

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