Business stationery “BIRD Marketing & Beratung”

The philosophy of BIRD, a marketing and consulting company, is: “Like a bird we maintain the overview and move in a fast and direct way toward our goal.”
This slogan is visualized by the “BIRD sticker” that is modeled on an airmail sticker and can be affixed to a wide range of media.

Business stationery “BIRD Marketing & Beratung”

The folded business card is held together by the sticker. The content is accessible only after the recipient has torn it open.
On the BIRD postcard the sticker “seals” a handwritten message and therefore lends it a highly personal touch.

The multi-functional BIRD sticker is a practical and inexpensive solution which will be remembered by customers for its interactive nature and nearly endless possibilities.

Year of origin: 2000
Production: offset printing, manually affixed

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